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Tools: Figma, Adobe Illustrator
Deliverable: A single hi-fidelity landing page made using Figma

Team Members
  • Talia Bowles - VIsual and UI Designer
Skills Used
  • Visual Design
  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Isles
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What is Isles, Inc.?

Founded in 1981, Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey.  With a mission to foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities, we design and develop effective services that support this mission and share what we learn with others who can make a difference.

01. Problem

The current Isles, Inc. landing page does not effectively communicate the type of community-oriented and fostering environment that it thrives to build. It feels rather corporate and unwelcoming. The families viewing this website come from difficult situations and the website should not be something that scares or intimidates them from participating in Isles’ community programming.

02. Research

Original landing page


03. UI Audit

visual identity

/UI audit


/UI audit


/UI audit


/UI audit


/UI audit

From this, I decided which main design details I wanted to maintain in my redesign:

1. Logo

2.Color Palette

04. Design

The page as it was, felt more corporate than community. By adding more color, illustrations, and taking away some text, the website could appear much more approachable.

hero image


train and educate


build wealth


live green and healthy


revitalize communities




  1. Highlight the call-to-action
  2. Create sufficient color contrast in the navigation
  3. Condense the footer

05. Final Landing Page

style sheet

/final landing page

06. Next Steps

1. Create an interactive prototype
2. Conduct user testing

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